The Nixons: A Family Portrait

The Nixons: an intimate look into the family of one of this country’s most influential, innovative, and controversial American Presidents

The Nixons: A Family Portrait

The life of Richard Milhous Nixon will forever be a focal point of 20th century American history. But until now, little has been written about the people who helped shape the ideals of this American icon. From his vantage point as the youngest Nixon son, Edward Nixon gives an insider’s perspective not only on his famous brother and his remarkable life, but also on the two extended families that produced this man of profound intellect and influence.

No other President has been tested as Richard Nixon was, but he never let adversity weaken his faith and undermine his determination. Now meet the people who journeyed through life with this extraordinary man and helped him build his legacy.

In the photo, from left to right, are Ed and Gay Nixon, Dick and Pat Nixon, Clara Jane and Don Nixon.

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